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Paver Retaining Walls in St. Louis, MO

If you want a paver retaining wall in St. Louis, MO, call Bri-Co Construction, LLC. Our company is the experienced paver retaining wall builder your project needs. For over 40 years, we've designed and constructed superior paver retaining walls for satisfied customers in our area. Many homeowners enjoy popular flagstone retaining walls, but we work with all paver styles to give you the look you want for your home. A paver retaining wall is the versatile solution to prevent soil erosion in your landscaping.

With a paver wall, you can add beauty and style to your property for an affordable price. Pavers are a preferred choice among homeowners for their variety and affordability. When you want a retaining wall that protects your grounds while contributing to your home's design, pavers are the right choice. We make paver walls from the wide array of textures, colors, and sizes that pavers are available in. This diversity makes pavers ideal for whatever your home's design may be. Attractive pavers offer strong and lasting support against erosion in those spots where your yard's elevation changes. Call us to get started on your paver retaining wall project. 

Custom Retaining Wall in St. Louis, MO

Enjoy Our Paver Retaining Walls

Our highly experienced professionals understand how to provide correct paver retaining wall installation. While a paver retaining wall does add a valuable decorative element to your property, it serves primarily as a load-bearing structure, so proper installation requires careful calculating and planning. We're here to provide correct installation for a paver wall that retains the contours of your terrain and looks stunning for many years to come.

Reach out to us when you want a paver retaining wall contractor who gets the job done right the first time. We understand how to avoid the installation mistakes that, over time, will lead to a compromised wall that exposes your property to the damage of soil erosion. For guaranteed effectiveness, trust us for a beautiful, long-lasting paver wall.

Experience the Beauty of Paver Walls

We never forget that when we build a retaining wall, the integrity of your ground is at stake. That's why we take our paver walls very seriously. We're fully committed to providing each of our customers with the highest level of professionalism and courteous service. Whatever kind of retaining wall you want, you get the same superior workmanship and attention to detail that we bring to every job. Choose us for high-quality retaining walls finished on schedule and within budget.

Contact us for a beautiful paver retaining wall. We are proud to serve our customers in St. Louis, Chesterfield, Des Peres, Manchester, and St. Charles, Missouri.